Hello, I am a game programmer with an A.A.S. in Game Development: Game Programming and an A.A.S. in Game Development: Game Production. I have 5+ years of experience developing games and have released about 15 titles different platforms including iOS, Kindle, and Android devices as well as for PC, Mac, and Web. have conducted panels about game development and taught a game design camp for kids. I was on the Game Development Advisory Committee for Northwest Vista College.

I am proficient coding in C+, C# and Java with additional experience with Action Script, Python, WPF and HTML. I have extensive experience developing with Unity 3D as well as in house engines.

I studied art, audio, design, and leadership to get a full understanding the production cycle of a game.  I have worked with art programs such as Maya, 3DS Max, and Photoshop as well as learned character design and story boarding. I have studied music composition and Digital Sound and have worked with audio software such as FL Studios, Pro Tools, Logic Studio, Audacity, Sony Sound Forge, and GarageBand.


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